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Offering in person and online counselling services for anger management counselling, relationship counselling, self-esteem counselling, family counselling, divorce counselling, addiction counselling & abuse counselling in:
Harrison Hot Springs (servicing Chilliwack | Kent  | Agassiz | Hope | Mission | Rosedale | Bridal Falls | Harrison Mills)
North Vancouver
...and surrounding areas within the upper and lower Fraser Valley of BC.

Inner Solutions Counsellors hold a powerful flashlight illuminating your way through your current struggle. Within each of us lies the power to transform the present outer drama into an opportunity for deep inner awareness and lasting profound growth and sustaining joy!

Inner Solutions Counselling Services is a general practice, with additional areas of focus in:

Can you relate, or perhaps write your very own unique question:

Intimate Relationship:  
  • Does your relationship lack communication, trust, respect, integrity, joy, passion?
  • Has the love and tenderness in your relationship turned into attack / blame / guilt / shame?
  • Are you repeating similar destructive patterns within all your relationships?

Learn more about Relationship Counselling and find restored hope when you discover that your relationship(s) are not actually the cause of your current struggle, instead they are the SOLUTION TO IT!
Kelli has a way of breaking down human behavior into two categories and this simple lesson has been life changing for me! If everyone understood themselves in this way the world would be much kinder.
Counselling Client, Vancouver, BC

  • Does your family lack communication, ´team spirit´, balance and a healthy routine?
  • Are the individual needs of each family member NOT being met?
  • Do you and your teen hold each other more often in contempt than in trust and love?

Put your family first. Learn more about Family Counselling and gain insight on the True Function of ´Family´ and light the path leading toward Unity & Team Spirit!

Divorce | Separation:

  • Are you going through a separation | divorce and looking for tools to help yourselves and or your child/ren through this difficult transition?
  • Would you benefit from neutral third party support to communicate clearly and effectively?
  • Are you looking to avoid the emotionally painful & expensive process of the court system?

Divorce does not have to be devastatingly ugly for everyone involved. Discover Divorce Counselling and discover a more respectful, dignified way for all!

Life | Self:
  • Are you trudging through life feeling ´stuck´, or in a state of overwhelm, with unclear goals and direction?
  • Have you finished school and need help choosing your next step?
  • Are relationships difficult for you?
  • Do you feel: disconnected / lost / without purpose / not good enough / unworthy / unlovable /untrusting / alone?

You are not alone! A misdefined self and unclear life purpose are characteristic of the majority of those seeking counselling in North America today. Self-Empowerment / Self-Esteem Counselling could be your next step towards re-programming yourself for success!   
From the very first email response I received from Kelli, her positive spin on my well-being was present. Sometimes the conversations and work can be hard but working thru them with Kelli (backed with her amazing compassion and real world experience) has already dramatically changed my life, and for that I am greatly appreciative.
[After just 4 sessions]  Anger Management Counselling Client, Surrey, BC

Anger Management:
  • Is your anger pushing loved ones away?
  • Are you reactive to perceived negative criticism / judgement?
  • Is it difficult for you to deal with certain co-workers / authority figures?

It is said that ´anger´ is an unmet need.  Learn more about the purpose of Anger and turn this call for love into a call to action!  What more can you afford to lose?

Childhood Abuse | Trauma | Unmet Needs:
  • Is it difficult for you to trust yourself/others?
  • Have you gone on, one-way-or-another, to continue the abuse in your life today?
  • Is it a struggle for you to love yourself and others?
  • Do you sabotage relationships/push love away?

Is your childhood holding you hostage?  Learn more about Childhood Abuse Counselling and allow the possibility of Freedom.  You´ve got the Key, I´ve got the light - let´s go!

Online E-Counselling
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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson